Last updated 10/10/2019

Some information about our Club

We are the Broken Cross Walkers, a group of walkers of all ages and abilities, mainly from the Macclesfield area who enjoy getting out in the fresh air and having a good walk, we normally have a walk about every 2 or 3 weeks, mainly local and normally within 15-20 miles of Macclesfield. On most walks we usually take a warm drink and a snack and occasionally we may have a café or pub lunch if we all decide to treat ourselves on that particular day. Good idea to have walking boots, trainers or strong shoes and carry some waterproofs in case of rain. We don’t mind a bit of rain but we won’t walk if it is torrential. We usually walk around 5 to 7 miles all though we have been known to walk up to 12 miles but this will be advised well in advance. Just occasionally we may call at a local Inn or Cafe at the end of the walk depending on where we are. I am always open to suggestions for different walks and if anyone would like to lead a walk of their own please let me know. We normally share cars and costs  in order to get to our walks or you can meet us at the start point for the walks.  Several times a year we try to have a weekend away and since we started in October 2010 we have had several weekends away in Llandudno and also Keswick. We have no membership fee but if you would like to join us for a walk please send us an e-mail or give us a ring so we can be aware you are coming. We have no Club Rules as such but are mindful that we responsible for our own safety and those of others within the group, a few common sense guidelines as provided below

David Preston



Common Sense Guidance 

Walkers should wear suitable footwear and clothing and carry waterproofs and spare clothing as appropiate to the conditions

Walkers are requested to ask the permission of the walk leader prior to the walk regarding bringing a dog
Walkers should walk on paths where available to minimize damage to flora
Walkers should communicate their intention to take a 'comfort break' so the walk leader is aware
Walkers should not walk so far in front of the walk leader that makes it difficult for the walk leader to give them advice
Walkers should use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
The last walker is responsible for leaving gates as they are found by the walk leader, pass this information to the walker behind
Walkers should be prepared to go at the pace of the slowest in the party however frustrating this may be
Potential hazards should be communicated from walker to walker
Walkers should be aware of those in front and those behind

All rubbish to be taken home


Walkers should be aware they are responsible for their own safety as accidents can occur for a number of reasons including :~

     Carelessness e.g. not looking where one is putting their feet

     Over estimation of the you ability to complete the walk

     Lack of observation

     When walking on a road, members should follow the Highway Code : viz

     Where there is a footpath, use it

     Where there is no footpath, walk on the right hand side of the road unless it is unsafe to do so such as on a bend

     Walk in single file if possible, especially on narrow roads and in poor light